Decentralised Covent stations and on-site pop-ups

Here you can find a Covent station for a valid test near you. The list includes all Covent-certified stations in Switzerland. These are partner pharmacies and Covent pop-ups where you will meet qualified staff and receive the test result on your smartphone in around 30 minutes.

The test itself will take just three minutes or so, but you should allow around 20 minutes depending on the number of people and availability. It’s worth preregistering in good time at the relevant Covent station.

Please note that that the result will remain valid for 24 hours following receipt and will be stored in your Covent profile for this time. This 24-hour period must be taken into account for admission to the relevant event!The admission time for the event will apply.

Fixed Covent stations:

Amavita Apotheke, Ilanz, +41 58 878 29 10

Apotheke Dr. Portmann, Interlaken, +41 33 828 34 34

LIFETEST.CH by Safetest AG, Zug, +41 44 515 86 85

TopPharm Apotheke Masans, Chur, +41 81 250 08 04, DIDEE GmbH, diverse Standorte, +41 78 722 84 27